"Uncommon Ground" Elk Hunting DVD by Born and Raised

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Product Description

Uncommon [uhn-kom-uhn], adjective; out of the ordinary; remarkable, unusual, exceptional.

Ground [ground], noun; an area of land designated for a particular purpose.

This new DVD from Born & Raised Outdoors features 14 over the shoulder, DIY, elk hunts filmed on public land in Oregon and Wyoming. Bonded by the camaraderie and the love of Elk hunting, they place more importance on providing for their families with the gift of meat than on the size of antlers.

Follow along as the crew from Born and Raised Outdoors hunts Roosevelt elk in the familiar woods of Oregon before leaving to find Uncommon Ground in Wyoming where they step foot on unknown soil against an unfamiliar adversary - the Rocky Mountain bulls!

Trailer - Uncommon Grounds by Born and Raised