Trophy Taker Ulmer Edge Stainless Deep 6 Broadhead 3 Pack

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  • Made in the USA
  • True field tip accuracy due to extremely low flight profile.
  • Rear deploying blades for huge entrance holes and maximum penetration.
  • Innovative blade engagement allows blades to pivot around heavy bone.
  • Back side of blades are sharpened for non-pass-through shots.
  • Practice mode allows the Ulmer Edge to be shot into standard broadhead targets without damaging blades or targets.
  • Reliable blade retention system prevents accidental deployment in flight and in the quiver.
  • Manufacturer Warranty: Unconditional Lifetime Warrenty
  • Manufacturer Item Number: 7226,7227

Product Description

Trophy Taker is proud to introduce a new line of Stainless Steel Ulmer Edge heads for small diameter arrow shafts in 2013. Offered in both standard thread and Deep6 thread models, fans of small diameter arrow shafts and unparalleled flight will love these heads.

Trophy Taker's Ulmer Edge broadheads are loaded with bowhunter friendly features. First and foremost, the head truly offers field tip accuracy due to the extremely low flight profile. Upon impact, razor sharp rear deploying blades create devastating full size entrance holes with maximum penetration. Patented blade design engages both blades together at full cutting diameter while allowing the blades to pivot around heavy bone.

For non-pass-through shots, the blades can fold forward to avoid being considered "barbed" and are sharpened on the backside so they will cut on the way in and on the way out. The blade retention system prevents accidental blade deployment in flight and in your quiver! Throw in the fact that the Ulmer Edge broadhead can be locked in "practice" mode and shot into ordinary broadhead targets without damaging the blades* or the target and you have a broadhead that truly offers it all!

* Due to the small diameter of the stainless steel ferrules, the Ulmer Edge blades stick out of the stainless steel ferrules slightly when locked in practice mode. If used excessively for practice, we recommend checking the blade edge for sharpness on these models before hunting.