Tenzing CF 13 Carbon Fiber Frame Pack System

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  • Capacity: 3200 cu in
  • Dimensions: Main: 24" x 11.5" x 7", Side Wing: 10.5" x 24" x 1", Top/Fanny Pack: 9" x 11" x 3", Bottom/Reservoir: 12" x 20" x 7", Hip x 2: 4" x 9" x 2"
  • Holds: N/A
  • Weight: 7 lbs 6 oz
  • Manufacturer Warranty: Materials/Workmanship and normal use guarantee
  • Manufacturer Item Number: 961172

Product Description

Unlimited opportunity. That’s what the new TZ CF13 Carbon Fiber Frame Pack System provides. With a space-age frame and suspension that has been professionally tested to haul more than 300 lbs., this revolutionary new hunting backpack is re-defining the distances hunters can travel. Attach the base bag and anything else you might possibly need to the 3 lb. 8 ounce frame, this hunting pack will go as far as you can take it.

  • Aerospace carbon fiber frame
  • Fully adjustable suspension
  • Revolutionary waist belt design
  • 11 compartments and pockets
  • Three horizontal compression straps with frame
  • Three horizontal compression straps on wings
  • Two vertical compression straps on bottom reservoir
  • H2O compatible (3-Liter)
  • Completely modular to fit hunters needs
  • 10" x 24" hunter orange pullover