Scott Exxus Release

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  • Three-fingered hand-held design
  • Highly-engineered hook design for maximum accuracy
  • Fully adjustable trigger tension and travel
  • Fully adjustable trigger arm with fully rotational trigger barrel
  • Interchangeable spring system for full range adjustment
  • Machined 440C stainless steel internal components with anti-wear/anti-friction Titanium coating
  • Performance Ergonomics - Exxus' tapered handle design offers feel, comfort. A radius handle design enhances form. Ergonomic finger positioning and even weight distribution help you stay properly in line. Performance Ergonomics - built into Exxus!
  • Multi-Sear internal mechanism means an incredibly crisp feel
  • Sound damping technology assures quiet operation for the hunter
  • Full range of adjustability
  • Anti-wear/anti-friction Titanium coating on internal components
  • Manufacturer Warranty: Simple Workmanship & Manufacturer Guarantee
  • Manufacturer Item Number: 8001-CA

Product Description

Tournament archers and many hunters prefer hand-held releases because they are designed to shoot using your back muscles. They also provide for more consistent anchoring. There are two styles of hand-held releases - back tension, which SCOTT has offered since 2002, and thumb button which is a triggered hand-held release. The all-new Exxus™ is the first thumb button SCOTT. It's built on the same platform as our Longhorn Series Releases which allows you to seamlessly transition from one to the other.

The all-new Exxus thumb button release gives you proven SCOTT performance in a triggered hand-held design. This release is ideal on the line or in the stand! If this release is out of stock, Black Ovis also offers the Scott BackSpin 3-Finger Bow Release.