Phone Skope C2/C4 Universal Adapter

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This product has been discontinued.


  • Weight: 3.2 oz.
  • C-2 round twist adapter
  • Hook and Loop to attach C2 to C4
  • C4 Universal Adapter
  • Manufacturer Warranty: Simple workmanship and manufacturers warranty

Product Description

Convert any smartphone or device into a complete Phone Skope package. Included in the package is the round twist lock adapter and a Hook and Loop Custom cut disc to attach the Twist lock adapter to any device or case you wish. The C-2 Attached to your phone device combined with the Phone Skope's C-4 adapter will provide you with the complete Phone Skope experience. This kit comes as the C-2 Hook and Loop, attached using Phone Skope's new C-4 Optic Universal adapter.

Attaching C2 to C4 Adapter

C4 Universal Adapter