"The Unfinished Season" DVD

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Product Description

Join the guys from Pure Elevation Productions in their second DVD titled "The Unfinished Season".

Most videos will just bring you along for the few minutes before and after the kill shot. At Pure Elevation we want to bring you along everything; training, shooting, scouting, packing in, hunting and especially the hard work that goes into packing animals out of the backcountry. As well as all the highs and especially all the lows and frustration that can come from public land hunting.

You won't see any fake shots (no front view of the shooter as he's about to shoot an animal). No staged shots where the camera man is already at the animal and the hunter pretends to walk up on the animal for the first time. There won't be any bugles edited into the footage that wasn't there, etc.

Just real public land hunting with over the counter tags.

Trailer - The Unfinished Season DVD