Muzzy Fred Eichler Phantom Signature Series 4-Blade Fixed Broadhead

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  • Made in the USA
  • 1 1/8" x 1" cutting diameter
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 30 Day Guarantee
  • Manufacturer Item Number: 4150

Product Description

The Fred Eichler Signature Series Phantom Broadhead is a 150 Grain 4 Blade or a 125 Grain 2 Blade with the bleeder blades removed. It features a 1 1/8" x 1" Cutting Diameter a longer blade design and a new Tonto Style tip for maximum penetration!

Muzzy cut no corners when it came to the design of these traditional broadheads. The engineers at Muzzy worked closely with Fred Eichler, host of Easton Bowhunting TV and owner of Full Draw Outfitters in Colorado, to design a broadhead that maximizes performance and penetration for traditional or compound archers."I hunt in some of the most extreme weather and terrain on the planet, and I wanted a broadhead that I could depend on in ANY situation," Eichler says. "With the new Phantom, that's exactly what I got. These broadheads may be made for traditional archers, but their design is revolutionary."Eichler and the Muzzy team took the original Phantom design that is already known for durability and penetration, and lengthened the blades, swept the blade angle back and gave it a tonto-style tip. These modifications combined perfectly resulting in the Fred Eichler Signature Series Phantom -- a deadly-accurate 150-grain 4-blade broadhead with a 1 1/8" x 1" cutting diameter or a 125-grain 2-blade broadhead with a 1 1/8" cutting diameter. So if you are looking for the ultimate broadhead for your traditional setup or dangerous-game adventure, check out the new Fred Eichler Signature SeriesĀ® Phantom Broadheads by Muzzy. Razor Sharp Blades Easily Resharpened Removable/Replaceable Bleeder Blades For traditional and compound shooters that want more penetration and performance out of a cut-on-contact broadhead.