Caribou Gear The Deer Magnum Pack

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  • Size of Bags: (4) - 20x34 Quarter Game Bags
  • (1) 21x24 Cape Bag
  • (1) 16x21 Meat part Bag
  • (1) 21x12 Camp Meat Bag
  • (6) Big Game ID Tags
  • (1) 5mm Black Gloves
  • (1) 10x24 Plastic Bag
  • Weight: 1.4 lb
  • Manufacture Warranty:
  • Manufacture Item#:6475

Product Description

Unlike any other game bags on the market today Caribou Gear's synthetic game bag packs are designed for varying parts for varying sized species, so that you are carrying only what is needed. These packs are specifically designed for all the parts and piece's not just the four quarters but the complete animal! Our packs come with 4 Quarter Bags, Rib Bag, Meat Parts Bag (neck, backstrap), Trophy Cape Bag and Camp Meat Bag, 2-mill plastic bag, twist tie, ID Tags, Zip Locks, Vented Storage Bag and helpful instructions.